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Toy Soldier Case 40.6 X 30.5 X 5.08 cm

Toy Soldier Case 40.6 X 30.5 X 5.08 cm

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Product Description

The display case size 40.6 X 30.5 X 5.08 cm (12” X 16” X 2”) cardboard with a black pebble grained leatherette covering.  Spun white polyester lining keeps your figures secure against the glass lid.  Straight pins are provided to secure the lid.  This is one of the most popular sizes for general toy soldier, figure, animal, vehicle collector display used by a number of the UKs leading dealers.

Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 0.968 kg
Dimensions 40.6 × 30.5 × 5.08 cm
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